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Silks Legal Outsourcing sets a new standard in digital transcription of document preparation for the legal profession. We get it right.

There has been a dramatic shift in the way lawyers, barristers and other professionals utilise word processing services by outsourcing their work on an “as needed basis” without having to incur penalties for idle unused time. Silks Legal Outsourcing is committed to providing the legal sector with a solution to word processing requirements. We understand that each client has individual needs in relation to document styles and formats and we guarantee to provide a personal and tailored service. Our services are available to you on a full-time, part-time or overflow capacity. We can even be your permanent temp.


Our dictation system is a fully featured LAN/WAN digital dictation and telephonic system which is designed and built on Microsoft Windows© with a sophisticated user interface where Authors have a true workflow system and can keep track of dictated work from their own PC without having to call managers or clerks to track down work. Authors are able to set work priorities and rules for expected turnaround times. Our dictation server uses intelligent job priority and routing rules which manages your dictation and forwards jobs to our transcriptionists in accordance with those time schedules.

An Author is set up with a user id and password to our server and is then free to create dictation from a digital handheld recorder, a speechmike connected to your PC or from any landline or mobile telephone.

Silks Legal Outsourcing’s dictation server is available to you 24/7. See How the Digital Dictation Process Works.


We can produce any court form you require as we have access to precedents in all States of Australia. In addition, we are able to use your personalised templates for letters, facsimiles, memorandums, tax invoices and corporate styled documents. Once your details have been set up on our system they can be automatically merged into any document created by Silks Legal Outsourcing.


Our operators are highly skilled PowerPoint users and can design and assist you with your marketing presentations and accompanying brochure handouts.


If you have a mailing list and require bulk mail-outs (eg: newsletters, Christmas cards, repetitive letters, labels and envelopes), Silks Legal Outsourcing can provide you with this service.