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You may dictate by using one (or all) of the following methods:

  • a digital handheld portable
  • a speechmike connected to your PC; or
  • by telephone (landline or mobile) from anywhere in the world

Use whatever method of dictation that best suits your style.

If you currently have digital equipment, the WinScribe system is compatible with Philips, Olympus, and Lanier devices. If you do not have a digital dictaphone or speechmike, we can arrange for the purchase of compatible equipment at competitive prices.

We are able to set you up with a user id and password ‘ready to dictate’ to our server within an hour.

A.Internet Author (using either a digital handheld recorder or speechmike)

Once the internet author software is installed on your computer it allows an Author to dictate from any Windows based PC or laptop using a digital handheld recorder, and/or a speechmike (which is connected to your PC via a USB connection). Once you have completed your dictation the internet importer software enables the upload of your audio file within minutes and communicates with our server via the internet. A ‘Silks’ word processing operator is then automatically notified of your job on their job queue. Your work is transcribed, proofread and returned to you via email.

  • Audio files will be archived upon completion of transcription, then deleted from the system after 7 days (unless Author advises otherwise)
  • Once your Word documents are completed they are backed up on Silks Legal Outsourcing’s server for 5 days and then deleted from the system (unless other arrangements are made)


  • Online/Offline functionality. If you are using your digital handheld recorder and are unable to obtain an internet connection at the end of dictation, for example if you wish to dictate from a client’s office or from court the digital handheld recorder will store your dictation until you return to your computer to download the data. If you are using the speechmike and unable to obtain a connection, the dictation software will still allow you to continue to dictate with its ability to work offline
  • Where has your work gone? Our server technology provides a powerful feature called Job Status which allows an Author to keep track of his/her dictated work from their PC, displaying details of the job number, creation date, client number (shown in the ‘key’ field) and whether your job has been ‘Completed’ or ‘Waiting for a Typist’. This eliminates the need to call managers or clerks.

  • There is also a Notes Field within the software interface for any special instructions that an Author may need to give a transcriptionist relating to that job
  • The recording devices have functions so you are able to edit dictations and insert information, or you can rewind to the very beginning of your dictation to insert an extra paragraph, without deleting any of your previously dictated words
   The Author PC interface enables easy dictation with familiar recorder controls.
  • Both the digital handheld recorder and speechmike devices provide you with normal control functions such as Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, Go to Beginning, Go to End and Insert.
  • Automatic job prioritization is based on your Author profile which is set to an agreed expected turnaround time
  • Authors are also able to set a Priority status outside of their ‘normal’ expected turnaround time
  • The dictation software can be installed on any Microsoft based PC and can operate via the Internet utilizing the standard HTTP protocol

B.Telephone Author (using either a landline or mobile)

The Telephone Author software enables an Author to dictate from any landline or mobile in the world. You simply call Silks Legal Outsourcing’s server (a local Sydney number) which will activate voice prompts for you to enter your login and password. You will be given a telephone dictation ‘quick reference card’ to use the buttons on your telephone to dictate (eg: press 1 to record, 3 to listen/playback). The telephone feature can be used separately or in addition to the other recording devices which require PC connections.

The telephone access feature would also be very beneficial when you may not have access to your computer, or you forget your digital handheld recorder and you wish to do urgent dictation. This may occur at times when you are away from the office, at a client’s office or home, on interstate travel or at home on the weekends without computer access.