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Focus on your core business and leave the typing to us!

The advantages of sending your dictation electronically to Silks Legal Outsourcing, compared to using in-house word processing staff are endless. They include:

  • minimising your overheads by the ability to downsize and upsize instantaneously as opposed to engaging costly permanent staff
  • no management time wasted on typist supervision, workflow, human resource operations, IT help desk and training
  • no ongoing employee downtime costs of annual leave, sick leave and public holidays (a total of 37 days per employee per annum), superannuation, payroll tax and workers’ compensation
  • substantial savings on office space
  • no wasted employee downtime (administrative and professional) delivering word processing tapes
  • alleviate problems of dealing with ‘hard to hear’ or ‘tangled and old’ tapes
  • saving on computer hardware and software, telephone and other office equipment
  • clarity of digital recording is vastly superior to other available formats